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Blitz Blank, an Austrian multinational founded in 1935, has grown steadily over the years and today, after three generations and its presence in 13 European countries, is considered a leader in the sector.


Blitz Blank offers accurate and specialized solutions in the field of cleaning hotels, hotels and tourist facilities, ranging from the care of the rooms, to the care of common areas, from the cleaning of green spaces and exteriors to the maintenance of boiler systems, from concierge service. to porterage service.


It has state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and makes use of an experienced system of controls, relying on trained, qualified and above all motivated personnel.


The collaboration with Blitz Blank guarantees:

  • Customized solutions aimed at the needs of the Partner Hotel and the final customer

  • A high quality service that is constant over time

  • A considerable saving of time and energy

  • Greater flexibility in personnel management

  • A structured company that becomes an integral part of the hotel team

  • Reliability and safety of supplies


Blitz Blank is a company in full economic development whose top priority of the company philosophy is communication with its customers, with its collaborators and its suppliers, to establish a relationship of trust that allows it to carry out an exemplary work that satisfies all the network of people who are part of and collaborate with Blitz Blank.


Piani di costruzione


The achievement of a fundamental quality standard ensures final customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the best cleaning service in compliance with deadlines, the use of non-polluting detergents, respect for one's word, courtesy and optimization of procedures by identifying and resolving any problems in a short time.


Customer satisfaction also depends on the competence of its collaborators, another fundamental point of Blitz Blank's philosophy. The satisfaction of its collaborators guarantees loyalty and reliability.

Stretta di mano


Our goal is to achieve what we have set ourselves by focusing on communication.


Communication with customers, to obtain feedback to improve and innovate the solutions proposed by Blitz Blank to date;

Communication with collaborators: a clear and sincere relationship with one's collaborators ensures precise and satisfying work;

Communication with suppliers: in order to guarantee maximum knowledge on cutting-edge methods, procedures and trends.


The whole Blitz Blank network, working in synergy in this way, guarantees and maintains the quality standard that distinguishes it from the others.

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