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The operating procedures of Blitz Blank allow you to go beyond the idea of "cleaning well" ensuring your end customer a unique experience, every time he enters your hotel.


Perfection is in the little things, all at the right point, to allow the guest to immerse himself in the room of his dreams, giving him only pleasant surprises.

We put in place the professionalism of the staff and the constant quality control of the services performed. Only in this way can we realize the imagination of the visitors, satisfying them.

Sapone naturale


Staying in a hotel is not just about sleeping in a bedroom. There are many aspects that make the stay better.

To pamper the customer, attention is needed, both large and small, by providing products and services that can facilitate the feeling of well-being.


Blitz Blank provides for the supply of customized products and the timely restoration in compliance with the customer's needs.

Blitz Blank turns a stopover into an incredibly enjoyable vacation.

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