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Without anyone knowing it, your facility will be visited by a Blitz Blank inspector who will draw up a report on the quality of the rooms and premises that are the subject of our service. The frequency of checks is variable to maintain the impromptu nature, generating attention in the staff who will be required to meticulously carry out all the services.


Blitz Blank Quality Inspection involves all members on duty who acquire a greater sense of responsibility, operating in a careful and scrupulous way. The inspectors carry out observations and analysis of the results in order to eliminate critical issues and always keep the quality of the services offered high.



The technology and the use of platforms for the research and classification of structures is becoming increasingly important today. This leads us to constantly monitor developments, in order to provide timely and appreciable answers to resolve any disputes, always collecting or restoring flattering judgments.


The response of your customer portfolio, in relation to Blitz Blank services, is constantly monitored by specialized personnel. We collect the data published on the main hotel and tourism booking sites, to take immediate measures to improve and resolve any unwelcome notes. The overall statistical examination allows us to keep the total quality of our services under control, always reporting excellent quality and high professionalism.

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