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The heating and cooling systems serving buildings must, in accordance with the law, be periodically subjected to maintenance and checks. An efficient operation of the system ensures optimal consumption, which is reflected in a lower environmental impact and lower operating costs, and guarantees the best conditions of safety of use for your customers.

Blitz Blank guarantees compliance with the legislative obligations indicated for the operation, management, control, maintenance and energy efficiency of the heating systems, with periodic checks.

Our staff is always available to solve unexpected events, also offering backup solutions that constantly ensure services.

Sanificare ascensore



Among the optimization interventions of the air conditioning systems of your hotel, for the efficiency and the consequent operating economy, a fundamental role is played by the maintenance of terminals and diffusers.


The prevention, maintenance and sanitation of the systems made by specialized Blitz Blank personnel guarantees compliance with the rules and above all an efficient and safe service, avoiding serious problems such as legionella contamination.

Blitz Blank staff guarantees constant sanitization of the systems, obviating potential problems, thus guaranteeing a healthy and comfortable stay for your customers and your staff.

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