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Some furnishing elements in the rooms and common areas require occasional specific cleaning to maintain the external appearance and the necessary healthiness. We carry out sanitation activities with natural products, detergents and disinfectants, following the instructions of the producers.

Blitz Blank sanitizing treatments with organic products eliminate all sources of dirt, including the elimination of pathogens, viruses, molds and allergens.

When necessary we use ozone and its distinctly bactericidal, acaricidal, fungicidal and inactivating properties of viruses.


We also carry out the Pet Odor Control treatment for the abatement of unpleasant odors of an organic nature and the antibacterial treatment of mattresses, a method of microbiological sanitation that in addition to eliminating dust mites neutralizes bacteria, molds and viruses.

Blitz Blank specialist services allow the purification of air and surfaces, including fine carpets, with sanitization, sanitation and cleaning.

Swimming Pool Pump


Accuracy, punctuality and organization allow you to save time and money by keeping your hotel structure clean in every area.

sanitation of common areas;

cleaning of windows and external facades;

gardening and restoration of outdoor areas such as swimming pools and furnishings;

the restoration of the technical and service rooms;

extraordinary treatments in the rooms following special needs.

In other words, we ensure all the necessary interventions to guarantee a stay in your hotel dedicated to health and well-being.

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