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Blitz Blank carefully selects its partners. We try to intercept the needs of the market and to anticipate the requests of our hotels, forging partnerships with selected companies to create added value to our services, and fully satisfy the needs of our partner hotels.


Advanced Tecnologies for Cleaning

The company M&K GROUP provides with competence and extreme expertise, specialized technical services oriented to the maintenance and sanitation of furnishing textiles mainly in the hotel and hospitality sector as well as antibacterial and antiviral sanitization treatment of air and surfaces, bio-disinfestation of rooms and common areas and sanitizing treatment of fine carpets.


Stain removal and washing of traditional wool and nylon carpets, seats and sofas in non-removable fabric, seats and sofas in leather and eco-leather, upholstery in stretched fabric, curtains and draperies, headboards and sommier in fabric and eco-leather. Biodisinfestation (ecological disinfestation), from bed parasites such as Cimex lectularius and crawling insects in general, Antibacterial and antiviral treatment of mattresses, surfaces and air, with samples and preventive microbiological analyzes and issuance of appropriate certifications. Sanitization, stain removal and washing of fine carpets in natural fibers such as wool, linen, cotton and silk, with the M&K Group method with a low percentage of humidity and pet odor control treatment for the elimination of bad odors of organic origin.

Hotel Quality Control System


CleanApp is a hotel management software that comes from a digital intuition of those who have made a profession but above all a passion in the hotel industry.


An excellent room management software takes the data that make up the daily routine of the housekeeping department and digitizes it.

Everything, from customizable checklists to maintenance interventions, is managed via a cloud platform, providing any operator of your hotel with the ability to easily review every intervention carried out or to be carried out in real time.


Consulting and Training

Housekeeping4you is a consulting and training, management company, specializing in hotel facilities. Our reality is positioned as one of the main and most functional able to offer a new concept of work and training.

Housekeeping4you guarantees professionalism, reliability, continuity and achievement of objectives by providing all the right skills and professionalism that the tasks involved require.


Housekeeping4you is able to increase the satisfaction index of the Guests in the Client structures and merges with them becoming their "partner".

It guarantees answers and RESULTS, always spreading the right team spirit and belonging to the reference company.

Magazine for Excellence


Beyond the Magazine is the only official magazine of the Beyond the Rules group, an international communication and representation agency in Outsourcing that since 2006 boasts high-profile business partners in the various segments of Luxury Travel & Lifestyle.

It is a bilingual publishing project that aims to promote destinations not only from a purely tourist point of view but, above all, to also portray the events, locations, activities that animate and characterize a specific nation or city, increasing its interest. tourist and citizen: art exhibitions, fashion shows, clubs, period buildings, design, architecture, international exhibitions, film festivals and much more.

A new way to entertain using an avant-garde visual mode, involving an elite and savvy audience.

Varied contents, without distinction of sex and with a corner also dedicated to the Queer world, treated in entertainment mode and supported by an iconography of the highest level. A magazine not only to read but also to collect.


Representation and protection of companies

The Hoteliers Association of the Province of Varese - Federalberghi Varese represents the needs and proposals of hotel companies towards political, economic and trade union institutions and organizations.

Federalberghi Varese is an integral part of the association system headed by Federalberghi, the national organization most representative of the companies in the tourism - hospitality sector.

Federalberghi Varese, aims to enhance the economic interests of tourism entrepreneurs and to promote the recognition of their social role, the association is also committed to the affirmation of the tourism economy as an element of development of the territory and its accommodation offer.


In addition to carrying out the institutional function of representing and protecting companies, Federalberghi Varese offers its members a set of qualified consultancy in the field: legal, tax, financial and professional updating of hotel entrepreneurs and their employees. Federalberghi Varese carries out its action to enhance the provincial tourism system in synergy and in close collaboration with: the Province of Varese, the Chamber of Commerce, other trade associations and tourist bodies.

Housekeeping Trainer


Professional Housekeeping Trainer, who has been operating in the tourism sector for many years, ensures the hotel a receptive service capable of aiming for excellence by making use of training courses and targeted consultancy, personally studied and designed.


Among the training proposals it is possible to distinguish the Junior and the Senior, which respectively deal with the issues of the strategic and operational role of the Waiter at the floors and the importance of the figure of the Housekeeper and quality control. The programs of the Training Courses embrace every area of ​​interest and include a part dedicated to practical illustration at work.

LOGO SDH-01.png

Smart Design Hotel

SMART DESIGN HOTEL is a complete design system that accompanies hoteliers throughout the redevelopment process of the structures: from the feasibility study to the communication of the renewed structure, passing from the design and research of financing formulas to support the intervention such as tenders. financing and operating leasing.


It is a tailor-made service, with attention to the smallest details and created ad hoc for each hotel, with a cost blocked at the beginning of the project, to give a new conceptual look and position the structure towards the target of the future.

It is an innovative approach that is tackled starting from budget and target needs, aimed at all 3-4 star hotels and architecture firms interested in hotel design, tailor-made such as clothing sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Cortina d'Ampezzo Hoteliers Association

Associazione Albergatori-1.png

The Hoteliers Association of Cortina d'Ampezzo was founded in 1934 as a trade association to represent the accommodation facilities in the Ampezzo valley.

On May 16, 1973 it was one of the 8 hoteliers' associations that, together with Venice, created the Regional Union of Hoteliers of the Wind, now known as Federalberghi Veneto. The latter is an institution that represents the interests of hotel facilities throughout the region, and contributes to the formation and implementation of today's complex regulations, in order to help their hospitality businesses.


The Hoteliers Association of Cortina d'Ampezzo is a non-political body, which every day carries out promotion and assistance activities for the hotels associated with it. Furthermore, by fighting for the growth and protection of the entire category in Cortina, it assumes a position of undoubted centrality in the local tourist economy. The Association is also part of Federalberghi Roma, a body that works closely with the Government. The creation of events in collaboration with the major organizing committees not rooted in the territory, together with the use of media and publication of magazines, have always been the activities that the association carries out to help the tourism sector.


HOXELL Excellence in Hospitality

Hoxell is an integrated, intuitive, digital and easy to use hospitality platform. Hoxell is the optimal solution to improve the guest experience, increase the efficiency and productivity of the hotel staff, promote and personalize the services offered and win the trust of the guests.


Hoxell simplifies daily cleaning tasks, automates, schedules and monitors all floor activities, digitizing flows and workloads, for increased team productivity and maximum guest satisfaction, which is reflected in an increase in positive reviews on the Web.


Thanks to Hoxell it is possible to communicate faults and maintenance interventions in real time to the departments involved to avoid unnecessary blocks and reduce waste thanks to a clear management of consumption without having to manually check lists and inventories.

Specialist by tradition


The Color Division brings together 4 specialized lines of protective paints under a single production brand. High quality products and services, the result of the passion and expertise of the AMONN team guided by the foresight and traditional values of the Amonn family.

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