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Image by Axle Adamos


The maintenance service includes, right from the start, a team of professionals always available for quick interventions in the event of system failures.

Blitz Blank staff is able to intervene promptly, to identify and solve faults and problems that make the systems unusable. We are available 24/7 in order to deal with any failure to provide services, as well as emergencies and dangerous situations in thermal power plants and buildings at any time, even on holidays and at night.


The Blitz Blank employees for this task, organized over several rounds of availability, are constantly available and have means and equipment to ensure prompt intervention for the restoration of the systems or eliminate any dangers or impending damage. The emergency service for plant shutdowns ensures the availability of a Blitz Blank technician within a few hours of your call, but if you use technologically advanced systems, he will contact the Blitz Blank service directly via an automatic message.

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